Integrating Intercom with Twilio

Intercom's powerful Conversations API and Webhooks make it a breeze to build support and engagement workflows with other channels such as SMS.

SMS in 2015

SMS (or "txts") have an extremely low barrier to entry, and yet are reported as one of the most engaging channels for quick communication. Customers frequently ask us how our Support product can be used with a service like Twilio to apply support over SMS. In this writeup we'll describe a simple but powerful workflow, and build a small integration between Intercom and Twilio with a Ruby Sinatra app.

A simple workflow

Let's imagine a simple series of actions we want to support:

  • Customer sends in an SMS to our helpline number
  • A user is automatically created in Intercom, and the phone number is stored
  • A new conversation is created in Intercom
  • Admin replies to that conversation are sent to the user over SMS

Using Twilio's webhooks, we can write a handler to accomplish the first 3 steps via the Intercom API:

# Handle incoming SMS from Twilio, using a Sinatra handler:
post '/incoming_from_twilio' do
  from = params[:From]
  body = params[:Body]

  # Create or update the user, setting user_id = phone_number
  user = INTERCOM.users.create(user_id: from)

  # Start a new conversation
    from: {
      type: 'user',
    body: body


Handling Admin Replies

Once one of our teammates responds to the SMS in Intercom, we need to channel that response back to the end-user via Twilio. We can subscribe to the Reply from a Teammate and Conversation assigned to Teammate topics using Intercom's webhooks, and provide another handler that does the reverse process of turning Intercom replies into SMS messages:

post '/incoming_from_intercom' do
  intercom_params = JSON.parse(

  # Extract the new message, and convert it to plaintext
  last_message_html = intercom_params['data']['item']['conversation_parts']['conversation_parts'][-1]['body']
  last_message = Nokogiri::HTML(last_message_html).text

  # Load the user who we will SMS
  user = INTERCOM.users.find(id: intercom_params['data']['item']['user']['id'])

  # Send the response to Twilio
  unless last_message.strip.empty?
      from: ENV['TWILIO_NUMBER'],
      to: user.user_id,
      body: last_message


This constitutes a quick way to begin supporting your users over SMS. All of this code is available on GitHub. Please contact us if you have any questions or problems when integrating Intercom with your chosen support workflow.